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Hollywood's Cavies is no longer breeding alpacas.


Although I do love this breed of cavy, I have decided to downsize my herd and focus on my peruvians and cresteds.


Sorry for any inconvenience.







A curly coated version of the Peruvian. Most are first generation hybrids of Peruvians and other breeds like the rex. Alpaca is pronounced "al-pack-a". It is also known by the name Boucle in North America which is pronounced "boo-clay". The Alpaca is often confused with the Texel. Alpacas are curly or wavy haired Peruvians while the Texel is a curly/wavy haired silkie, giving both breeds a slightly different appearance to the way the hair grows. Alpacas have two rump rosettes like peruvians which pushes the coat forward over their face. As the Alpaca matures the hair falls from side to side along a centre parting. Daily misting will keep their coat with a tighter curl, although it can be brushed out which will leave it wavy. In North America the Alpaca/Boucle is shown with the tighter curls.




The coat should be soft and springy to handle, clearly showing rexoid characteristics and be free flowing. The coat should be full and dense, especially near the body where the undercoat is more evident. The belly should be curly, woolly and dense.


When bred with a peruvian, an alpaca will produce alpaca and/or peruvian pups



 Valoriel's Minty Chocolate

chocolate/red/white Alpaca sow



Jordan Station Aug.  2009

 (Sold to Natalie)

Now retired in a pet home



Hollywood's Lindor

 Tortoiseshell  Alpaca boar  

Jan. 19th, 2010

(For Sale)

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