As you may have gathered, I love animals and have many household pets including a beautiful brindle boxer, a bearded dragon and a big tropical fish tank.


Among these furry critters, we have added a new addition to our menagerie of pets on April 22nd. 2010


Hollywood's Cavies presents...



"Hollywood's Bun-Bun"


Blue Eyed White doe

lionhead/netherland dwarf cross

8 weeks old in these pics.

D.O.B. Feb. 18 2010



Presenting the earless rabbit. Her mom was a bit over zealous when licking them clean as they were born and took off all four kits ears leaving only the base of the ears intact. She is not hindered in any way and is a gentle, snuggly rabbit with longer, soft plush fur like that of a lionhead rabbit minus the trademark mane. 

One of my son's gifts for his 4th birthday.


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