No Babies at this time, they have all been sold to loving homes.


Check back around June/July 2011



Once litters are born, they will be posted on this page and they will be available on a first contact first serve basis as I no longer am keeping a waiting list.


I am now keeping a very small herd and only average 3-4 litters a year. Keep checking the site or local advertisements for my  piggies that are for sale. 







~ Check below for a few pictures of past litters ~

 (None of these babies are available as they have been sold already)




Peruvian litter, two pups just born 15 min. before pic. was taken.



Himalayan peruvian litter. 2 female pups. Their dark points come in after a few weeks.



 Alpaca/peruvian litter. 3 pups with beautiful markings.


Peruvian litter, 3 pups. 


January brindle white crested litter. Just born in pic. 


White crested litter. One sow, a dark eyed self crested.


 Momma and her three little pigs. Awe, sooooo cute!!! 



White crested litter - 2 pups, one DEW and one like mum. 


Peruvian litter - twin males and one all black male.

Only one day old in this picture.

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