Must Need Accessory



"Peek-a-Boo Pouch" 



Perfect for holding your precious piggy or other furry friend on your lap or for placing in your pets cage.


When purchasing cavies from me, you can buy a

Peek-a-Boo Pouch for only $8.oo each/cavy

(for example, if you buy 1 cavy but two pouches, the first pouch is $8.00 the second will be $10.00)


If buying only the pouch with no cavy, the price is $10.00 each


*Ask for discounts on multiple orders of 4 or more.*

Discounts only apply when paying the $10 price.


Choose between pouch with fleece outer and fleece inner or cotton outer and fleece inner material.

There is a layer of batting in-between for better absorption of urine.


Pre-washed material, machine washable

and can be placed in dryer on low.


Colours will vary depending on fabric I have available.


Size of each standard pouch is:   12"w  x  12"L


**Can custom make them too.

Just email me the measurements you need.

$2.00 will be added for every 4" of fabric added.**



~Email me for available fabrics~




Make sure before you pick up your new pet cavy here at Hollywood's Cavies, or if I'm delivering him/her to you, please mention to me if you want a 

 "Peek-a-Boo Pouch" and what fabric so I can make

 it for you or check to see if I have one pre-made.





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