"Let one of our little stars
 light up your life" 





The long haired peruvians are very beautiful and luxurious looking animals whose fur can grow quite long and requires daily brushing. They have two rump rosettes which allows the hair to grow forward right over their face making them uniquely different then other long haired cavies and making it difficult to tell head from rump. When showing, trimming their fur is not tollerated by judges and should be kept natural. Because of this, the hair may need to be wrapped so that it doesn't get tangled, matted or dirty. If you are not showing your pet, than you can trim it's fur to your desired length. The peruvians are very docile and calm which makes them perfect for someone looking for that in a pet.


PLEASE NOTE: I will be breeding very few peruvians in only the himalayan and self black colours from now on.




Boars (males) 



 Stilson's Avenger

Black peruvian  boar

~out of Fort York lines~




 Sows (females) 



 Greener Acres Walk of Fame

Himalayan peruvian sow







Himalayan cavies come in any coat variety and always have ruby eyes, white hair and dark points on their smut (nose), feet and ears in either black or chocolate although the chocolate himmies are considered a rare variety and shown in that group. They should be bred with himalayans or self blacks or self chocolates to get the dark points. Their coat colour resembles that of a siamese cat.

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