"Let one of our little


stars light up your life"










The self crested breed of cavy is the same as the white crested in the sense that they both adorn the rosette or crest on the top of the head and they have short hair. Although the differnce being that the self crested cavy can be any colour recognized and the crest is the same colour as the coat colour. Hence the name self crested.


I am now specializing in the DEW crested (dark eyed white)

and adding satins to the line as well.


Along with the DEW satin cresteds, I have now added smooth coats to enhance the DEW lines.





Smooth coat cavies are the most recognized of the cavy breeds.

They have short smooth hair which should lie flat against their brick shape bodies and can be any of the recognized colours.

They should have a blunt nose and never long and rat like.

They are an easy care pet enjoyable for the whole family with proper care and supervision.





Boars (males)



 Blind Pig's Parfait


DEW self crested satin boar

D.O.B. June 9th, 2010 




Sows (females)



Blind Pig's Sorbet


DEW smooth coat satin sow

D.O.B. June 2010




Rabellaka's Jamilla

Black crested sow

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