All cavies are purebred to ensure quality and

to enhance  type of breed.


My cavies are sold healthy and socialized well, although young cavies are always a bit more skittish as they are still adjusting to life itself.


As the new owner, you are responsible for what happens to your cavy after bringing him/her to their new home.

I expect you raise them in the same type of environment and provide for them as well as I do to ensure a good quality of life for your new pet.



 Cresteds & Smooth Coats:  $20


Peruvians:  $25


Adults over 2 years: $15 


 All prices are firm

unless agreed to otherwise!



Please Read


**I am no longer taking back any guinea pigs. If you can no longer care for your pet, it is up to you to find it a loving home. This is due to the fact that some piggies returned to me after a few months were  ill, under weight or infected with mites and has cost me much in vet bills to to fix the problems which the new owners did not address. Also this is done to ensure the safety and well being of my existing piggies  residing here. If you buy a cavy from me, please be sure you can give it a good caring home like it was provided here. Don't buy on impulse, do your research. Don't be neglegtful!


*Please note that once your pet is in your care, you are responsible for it's health and well-being and I will not be held responsible for death or illness unless verrified by a certified veterinarian that the cavy suffers from a congenital defect. In that case, verification by the vet is required and you will be entitled to a new cavy of equal value when one becomes available, not a monetary refund.



 Delivery and Shipping 


 Delivery can be arranged for free if you live in the Windsor/Essex County area. 


I will also make trips to Tilbury for $10 extra.


Google maps is a good way to check distances.


I no longer ship cavies, sorry for any inconveniences.


I make trips to London, Ontario periodically and can arrange to deliver cavies during those visits only.

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