My Cavy Condo 


Welcome to my Caviary. It's in my basement so it's heated and clean and we spend a lot of time down here since my children's playroom is in the next room.


My husband built this custom cavy condo to my specifications. It cost about $200 because he used good material only which will last a long time. Each section is 16" long x 25" deep. One cavy per section. There is wire between cages so they can socialize and see each other. There is also wire on the sides of condo for ventilation.

It's 10" off the floor away from drafts and good for storage.


I also use custom wire cages built for me by Sunny Meadows Cages.


I keep a small herd of cavies, I'm not running a cavy mill. I breed because I love cavies and want to keep the breed pure and healthy so that families can enjoy them as companions and show pets if they so desire.


Three of my beautiful peruvians hangin' out together in their large custom cage from Sunny Meadows Cages.



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