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 Cavy Boarding Available


Cavy Boarding available also at $6 a day.

Make advanced arrangements. Book at least one-two weeks ahead please. 


Total cost is required up-front at drop off to cover cost of food and bedding, etc. while you are away.


If your cavy requires veterinary attention while boarding with us, you will be required to pay all fees apon pick-up of your cavy.

Vet receipt will be provided.


You must bring your pet in it's cage (not carrier) with food bowls and water bottle.

I do have two extra cages in case. 


Top quality guinea pig pellet food containing

vitamin C is provided by me along with timothy hay, fresh veggies and water.

Pine shavings used as bedding.


If you have special instructions for you pet or he has special dietary needs, please advise me apon booking and you will have to provide any extras.


Also, your guinea pig must be lice free and have NO skin problems like mites or fungus infections ect. when boarding to avoid infesting other piggies residing or boarding here. Check your piggy before booking.








Lavish your pet


Cavy grooming



Piggy Spa Treatment


*Hollywood's Treatment   $10

(nail trimming, shampoo/blow dry, brushing and massage)


*nail trimming   $2        


*shampoo/blow dry, brushing   $5



*Pick-up and drop off at your home is available for $5 each way. Windsor and surrounding area.*




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