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Hollywood's Cavies is no longer breeding skinny pigs even though they remain one of my favourite cavy breeds. I will miss my dearly departed skinny pets and will hold a forever place in my heart for them .


~Rest in Peace my furless friends~





Skinny Pigs


 The Skinny Pig has almost no hair on most of its body. The only exceptions are usually the nose and feet. Some have small amounts of hair in other areas such as the rump and shoulders. Its skin is somewhat wrinkled around the legs and neck. The Skinny pig can display any of the basic colors and patterns of a Guinea pig. Not to be confused for the Baldwin guinea pig which is born fully furred but after a few weeks loses all its fur and remains completely hairless. Both breeds are very social and outgoing.



Hollywood's Jubilation Lee

(a.k.a. Jubilee)


Cream & black skinny pig sow

skinny/skinny breeding


Won BOB at Colasanti's Oct. 2009

in the Rare Variety





 Hollywood's Xavier


TSW skinny pig boar

skinny/skinny breeding




Skinny Pig Facts:

- The modern Skinny pig breed originated with a cross between haired guinea pigs and a hairless lab strain. The hairless strain that it is most likely related to was a spontaneous genetic mutation that was first identified at Montreal's Institute Armand Frappier in 1978, in a colony of Hartley lab guinea pigs. In 1982 they were sent to Charles River Laboratories to be bred for laboratory use and are commonly used in dermatology studies today. They are an outbred strain that has an intact thymus and normal immune system - meaning they are healthy and live as long as other breeds of guinea pigs.
- The breeding protocol for Skinnies requires out crossing to haired carriers at least every other generation. Skinny pigs and balwins should not be bred together.
- Skinny pigs may need to eat slightly more to maintain body heat. The optimal temperature range for a hairless guinea pig is between 75 - 79°F (24 - 26°C), which is slightly higher than the optimal temperature range for the haired guinea pig. Never house skinnies outdoors.
- Even though the Skinny is a relatively new breed among pet owners and cavy fanciers, it is gaining popularity in Canada, Europe, Scandinavia and Russia as well as in the United States where it was introduced in the late 1990's.
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