Welcome to Hollywood's Cavies where I breed sound, and beautiful good natured Peruvian cavies - most people know them  as guinea pigs.

All my cavies are kept in my home where I can control temperature, cleanliness, and provide them with all the attention and tender loving care they deserve.


On this page, you will see photos of my stud boar Hollywood's Cavies "Renegade Obama", who is a promising youngster and great stud, literally.


Check back frequently to see new pictures of babies I may have for sale, and if you think you may be interested in purchasing one, you can contact me via email.


If you think you would like to own a Peruvian Cavy, rest assured, you would be getting a great and cudly companion. The peruvian is very beautiful and luxurious looking animal who's fur can grow several inches in length and requires daily brushing. When showing a peruvian, trimming its fur is not tollerated by judges and should be kept natural. Because of this, the hair may need to be wrapped so that it doesn't get tangled, matted or dirty. (check picture below to see peruvian with wraps in fur) If you are not showing your pet, than you can trim it's fur to your desired length.


Cavies or guinea pigs as most people are familiar with, are not disposable pets to be purchased, kept for a few months then sold because the family gets bored or nobody wants to clean the cage. They are very loving creatures that don't have one mean bone in their body, they don't smell like some other small animals, and they make fun squeels when they see you and when they're hungry or being held.

Therefore if you think you're ready to own a longhaire cavy, consider that they live about 5-7 years and need proper fur care and housing and love and attention. After taking all that into consideration, if you would like to buy one of my beauties, then contact me. If I don't have one available, then I can put you on a waiting list.


Thanks for choosing Hollywood's Cavies.

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